Why The Stones Speak


«The Stones Speak» is a non-profit cultural initiative, sponsored by the Athens, Atttica @ Argosaronic Hotels Association. It aims to combine the intellectual and poetic force of Ancient Greek literature and philosophy with the unsurpassable majesty of select archaeological monuments and museums of Athens, while simultaneously enhancing tourism development through high-quality initiatives.

Famous heroes of tragedy, ideas and ideals that Greece bequeathed to mankind and which defined the history of thought and art over the centuries, come to life thanks to our series of theatrical and musical performances. For three months (June, July, September), the speech of ancient Greek philosophers, poets and politicians is presented in the form of theatrical performances in three languages ​​(Greek, English and French) at the most important museums and archaeological sites of Athens: the National Archaeological Museum (June), Hadrian’s Library (July), the Ancient Agora (September), Plato’s Academy (September). Entrance is free for everyone.

Our team focused on texts that fascinate not only those already familiar with Ancient Greek literature, but also those who first come into contact with it. Pericles’ Funeral Oration by Thucydides analyzes the ethos and ideals of the ancient Athenians, in whose city democracy was born. Plato gives us one of the most poetic descriptions of the nature of Eros in the Symposium, while Aristotle examines the character of young people who “love excellence” in his Rhetoric. Sophocles creates Antigone, an eternal symbol of love and resistance, while the prelude to Homer’s Odyssey is sung in ancient Greek.

Democracy, beauty, friendship, the collective spirit, man’s eternal search for a homeland –all precious ideas, that were first captured centuries ago and are still inspiring humanity– find in 2023 the ideal places to be heard again, as The Stones begin to Speak.

For 2023, the following locations have been selected:

– National Archaeological Museum (June)

– Hadrian’s Library (July)

– Ancient Agora (September)

– Academy of Plato (September)

– The Museum of the Eleftherios Venizelos Athens International Airport

The perfromances take place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 13:00 at the following dates:

2-4/6, 9-11/6, 16-18/6, 23-24/6, 30/6-2/7, 7-9/7, 8-10/9, 15-17/9, 22-24/9, 29-30/9, 1/10

The excerpts are performed by students of the Drama School “Delos” (by Dimitra Hatoupi), under the direction of the acclaimed Efi Theοdorou. The songs that are harmoniously interspersed between the excerpts have been composed by Nikos Platanos.

The following actors participate: Nedi Agapiou, Fanos Theofanous, Nefeli Benou, Ioanna Siskou, Babis Simeonidis